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About Me:

About Me

Hello, my name is David: noob to blogging, and yet creator of a blog site! Now, I know what you’re thinking, but have faith.  It can only get better, I promise!

First, a big warm welcome to TakeMyVeganity.com!  I have built this website along with my social media sites around one simple concept:  With the hopes of “keeping you out of the kitchen all day, and from doing dishes all night™”!

There are tons of vegan recipe sites out there, but how many vegan cakes, cookies, and fake meats will you plan to make each day before you give up and start to go for the unhealthy pre-made processed junk foods?  Wash a blender and multiple pots and pans…everyday…for a month…and then come back and we can talk.  Just don’t get mad when I say “I told you so.”  I sincerely don’t want you to give up as a result of being overwhelmed just for trying!  And that’s not to say that those other vegan sites don’t have amazing recipes, they do!  I myself have used many of them countless times throughout the years, but I don’t look up a new recipe everyday to try out for lunch or dinner.  Trust me, making your own vegan food (specifically, vegan versions or non-vegan foods) can be one of the hardest parts of staying vegan.  Well, it was for me.

I have a beautiful rescue dog, named Millie, from our local Humane Society that my wife and I are trying to give the best life that we can offer her.  My wife and I often joke about her coming from the streets of a small town to living it up in high rise luxury apartments with a view in the city.  You will often see many pics of her in my instagram feed, and she even has her own vlogs featured on my youtube channel.  Rescuing a dog is such a rewarding thing and for those who have the capabilities to do so, I highly recommend it.


When it comes to vegan foods, I’ve noticed that if I stray from a vegan or plant-based diet, the weight starts to come back, exponentially faster if I don’t workout or exercise, whereas my spouse has an interesting ability: to eat whatever, whenever, and however much, of any foods–with no regards or concern for weight gain.  Seeing this difference between her and I has made me understand and accept a key concept in the world of health and diets: everyone is different, no single diet will work for every person, and that there are always exceptions to the rules.  And yet, while she does not follow a vegan lifestyle, she tries my new recipes, supports my decision to be a vegan, and actually has many favorites that I can cook for us both and that she can equally enjoy. As a result, my trademark slogan to describe my days and nights is: Vegan Life with a Non-Vegan Wife!™  (Update: She’s mostly vegan at this point.  The only time she eats animal proteins is when I’m not around to cook or if we are out in restaurants or traveling).

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked why I choose to be a vegan.  While I am happy to share my story, I seem to get a similar reaction of “Oh, I could never give up meat and cheese”  or “I love milk too much”.  Equally, I seem to be asked “What do you eat?” and “How do you get your protein?”.  These questions will start to seem silly to a tenured vegan, but I must admit, its something I probably would have asked a vegan, before I became one myself.  So, I’m happy to discuss it with all sorts of people from all backgrounds, ages, and upbringing and I challenge these people to do their research, to give the foods a chance, and to see if they experience any results.  I will sometimes joke and say “let me take your veganity?”.  This is the idea behind my site; many people don’t realize it, but they often eat vegan meals every week.  They’re already 1/3 or 1/2 the way there without even knowing it.  An example would be breakfast–majority of cereals…are vegan!!  Now, with that being said, it’s worth mentioning that not all vegan food is healthful.  This is another factor of my site that you’ll get to take advantage of.  I’ve been a thin vegan, and I’ve been a fat vegan.  I can share with you all the great vegan choices out there to embrace, as well as some vegan junk foods that should be avoided or enjoyed only on occasion.  Don’t believe me?  Potato chips–vegan.  Dairy-free ice cream–vegan. You get my point.

My goal is to shatter the common misconceptions about vegans, as well as vegan food and lifestyles.  I will often try to offer a range of realistic recipes that focus on being simple enough to make, but healthy and tasty enough to convert even the most stubborn of meat and dairy eaters.  Whether you are a tenured vegan, considering trying to go vegan, or just an omnivore that loves great, healthful, and simple foods, my site will have much to offer across the board!

I am excited to start sharing new content with you all, and I invite you to share your comments and experiences with me as well!  Thanks for the read!

Warmest regards,